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Sep 30, 2019

Batter up! Just in time for the World Series (I think? Isn't it usually around now?) we have a baseball movie with Ethan in a terrifying paternal role! Our first guest from our second episode about DEAD POETS SOCIETY, LAYLA MUCHNIK finally returns to Hawke Cast to talk about THE PHENOM, a movie you probably haven't heard of. But it's good and Ethan's great in it! It's on Netflix please watch it!

We chat about learning to like sports, abusive fathers, Ethan's character's tattoos, bad Netflix movies, and The Good Wife's casting choices. It's freewheelin episode, easy as a Sunday drive where your alcoholic father is screaming at you about how all drugs should be legal. Actually that sounds awful. This episode is much nicer.

Keep Hawke-ing the skies!